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  • ELITE Adam and Amanda-35

    Adam Bonilla BS Wellness & Fitness- Men’s Physique Pro, Head Coach, Master Trainer and Certified Nutritionist

    Adam Bonilla started in the fitness industry at the young age of 16 working at Nutri-Sport nutrition stores where he began designing supplement programs for fitness competitors in southern California. At the age of 18 he began training with 24 Hour Fitness in California where he excelled with clients and was put in charge of the 3rd largest club in the company. As the years went on his skills progressed he began training personal trainers on the proper training practices at a district level for the company. With this position he was also given the task of training special conditions clients, fitness competitors, high level athletes, and post rehabilitation clients with severe injuries that have limited movement. Now working in the fitness industry for 19 years and as a trainer for 17 of those years he has honed his skills to the level of Master Trainer and specializes in the area of the field in which he loves, extreme body composition changes.
    Whether it’s getting ready for a contest, your wedding, or losing a significant amount of bodyfat this is the only area Adam is now willing to work in.

    “I’ve worked in all areas of fitness such as sports, rehab, corrective exercise, and body composition changing but the only area in which I consider myself an expert is rapid body composition changing or contest preparation”. If you want to get better at a sport or get better mobility on your shoulder this is not something Adam will do any longer. “I only do the work I enjoy now and I only enjoy helping people get their dream bodies and winning championships, I just want to win and change the world through fitness”.

    Men’s Physique Pro

    Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

    Bachelor of Science Wellness and Fitness/Sports Management

    NASM Certified Personal Trainer since 2001

    NASM Weight Loss Specialist

    NASM Perfomance Enhnancement Speicalist

    ISSA Certified Personal Trainer since 2000

    NCSF Certified Personal Trainer since 2002

    Apex Certified Personal Trainer

    Master Trainer Qualified

    2012 Natural Colorado Class Champion

    National Level Men’s Physique Competitor

    One on one sessions available at Club USA in Littleton Colorado


  • 61

    Tory Wright BS Dietetics- Bikini Pro Direct Asst. to Adam Bonilla, Personal Trainer and Bikini Posing Coach

    Tory has been passionate about the health and fitness industry since she started running cross country at the age of 12. She went on to run for the varsity team all four years of high school, and was named Female Athlete of the Year as a senior. She turned down a scholarship to run in college and landed herself at Illinois State University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science and an emphasis in Food/Nutrition/Dietetics with intent to change people’s lives through diet and exercise. Her passion for running continued in the meantime and since she was 18, has been training for, and thus far, raced 8 marathons in 7 different states. Including qualifying twice for the Boston Marathon and beat “Heartbreak Hill” in 2013. A competitor at heart, Tory has turned her attention from running to weight lifting and has recently entered the world of fitness competitions and contest prep. In her short time in the sport thus far, she won the overall title in the NPC Bikini Division at her first show, as well as the overall in the Muscle Mania Natural Figure Universe Division. She is eager to continue on!
    Despite her sporty background, Tory has long battled with the same body image issues and lack of self confidence we all encounter at some point in time. It wasn’t until she decided to make a change and commitment to her diet and exercise that the self affirmations and positivity starting rolling in. Tory has taken moments of pain and turned them into pride, and she is living proof it really isn’t “the weight you lose, it’s the life you gain!” Tory wants to help show you what living fit, happy and healthy really means and assist you in understanding the parallels to the gym and life, while giving you the confidence to throw in a flex and show off the guns every now and then, just for good measure.
    BS Dietetics

    NESTA Certified Personal Trainer

    Team Elite Physique Associate Trainer

    Bikini Posing Coach – Groups, Semi-Private, and individual sessions.


    To set up training sessions email adam@teamelitephysique.com

    Contact Tory for posing directly at (847) 542-2658

  • Sam Catlin

    Sam Catlin BS Forensic Science TEP Associate Trainer and Figure Posing Coach

    Sam grew up in Colorado and attended Colorado State University; graduating in 2011 with a BS in forensic science; primarily studying human biology and anatomy.

    After having her daughter at a young age, Sam struggled with weight loss for years.  She tried fad diets and yo-yo’ed; always gaining back more weight than she lost.  In 2014, her weight peaked at 205lbs.  She decided it was time to make a long term commitment and lose the weight for good. In a year, she lost over 80lbs with consistent exercise and clean diet. Through acquaintances at the gym, she picked up an interest in weightlifting; ultimately leading to bodybuilding and fell completely in love with the sport.  In 2015, she sought the help of Adam Bonilla and Team Elite Physique to optimize her contest prep. Since then, she has compete in the NSL, Muscle Mania, and most recently, in the NPC. In 2017, she took 1st in the Steel City Championships, and then 1st again at the Colorado Muscle Classic.  Next year, she will compete for her dream of earning an IFBB Pro Card.
    Sam hopes to use her story of recovery and transformation to inspire and motivate others in all stages of their fitness journey. She is ecstatic to work in the industry that forever changed her life.
    “Far better is it to dare mighty things; to win glorious triumphs; even though checkered by failure; than to rank with those poor spirits whom neither enjoy much, nor suffer much because they live in the grey twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.” -Theodore Roosevelt


  • Taylor H

    Taylor Hanberg – BS Human Performance & Sport Asst: To Adam Bonilla and Tory Wright

    Taylor Hanberg

    BS Human Performance and Sport

    Team Elite – Assistant to Adam Bonilla and Tory Wright

    Taylor’s fitness journey began at the age of 6 when she was enrolled in gymnastics. For 11 years she committed herself to constructing a foundation of basic skills which led to her success at advanced levels. She participated on a varsity high school gymnastics team and was presented the “Jefferson County League All-Conference Award for Vault” during her freshman season. The following year, at age 16, her hard work at the club level had landed her a spot to compete on the level 9 regional team.

    During her final years of high school, Taylor joined lacrosse and was awarded the “Most Valuable Player” on junior varsity during her first season. The following year, she had progressed to varsity where she was recognized as the “Most Improved”.

    After high school, Taylor pursued a bachelor of science degree in Human Performance and Sport from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Meanwhile, she gained two years of experience working as a personal trainer at Bally Total Fitness.

    In 2016, she met Adam Bonilla and began prepping for her first NPC show, the Denver Open, where she earned the title of Miss Denver Bikini 2016. To date, Taylor has competed in two NPC shows with the preparatory assistance of Adam Bonilla and Tory Wright.

    Now a college graduate, Taylor is studying the American College of Sports Medicine curriculum to receive her certified personal trainer credentials. Her desire is to help others achieve optimal levels of health and wellness while expanding her knowledge in conditioning and nutritional practice with Team Elite.

    “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford