Our Guarantees

Adam doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk! Other trainers may say their the best but Adam puts his money where his mouth is and offers guarantees to his clients!


Top 5 Placing Guarantee– If you don’t place top 5 in a state level or lower show Adam will pay for the entry fee of your next show. The way he sees it is if you weren’t ready to win than he shouldn’t have put you on that stage until you were and you not placing is a bad judgment call that he’s willing to accept the responsibility for.


45 Minute Cardio Guarantee– The fact is trainers are simply having their clients do too much cardio and it leaves their clients bodies adapted to a higher work load than necessary. Adam will only use an evidence based training system that’s been proven by science and 100’s of competitors every year over the last 15 years working under his system. Adam guarantees you that you will NEVER be told to do more than 45 minutes of cardio or you’ll get a full refund on all of your training. He also guarantees that if you can’t get in contest shape doing 45 minutes of cardio that you’ll also get a full 100% refund on all of your training! Nobody else in the contest prep world is currently making this guarantee.

24 Hour Response Guarantee– If you email Adam he’ll get back to you personally within a 24 hour period, usually less! Not his assistant, you’ll be hearing directly from Adam himself within a timely manner.

Active Client Max Guarantee – No more coaches with teams of 500 competitors who don’t have enough time to adjust menu plans for success. Often times you’ll hear about coaches giving clients 2 hours of cardio for shows and the reason is it’s faster and easier on the coach to say “do more cardio” than it is to sit down and design a menu plan every time one is needed. It’s about quality, not quantity and is the reason why no team has more team championships Team Elite Physique even though we’re no where near the biggest.

*active competitor means they are currently on a meal plan and checking in either bi-weekly or weekly with Adam. We may have a high amount of total competitors  on the team but many are not actively preparing for a show and do not currently require any of Adam’s time.

The Elite Eleven- This is the IFBB Pro Bikini team of Team Elite Physique. Quality is high and a lot of time is given to our 11 bikini pros so Adam will not take on a 12th to keep quality and time invested in to each athlete high. Every year a very elite group of 11 professional bikini competitors will be hand selected by Adam. This year 28 have applied and a few of the big names who’ve made the 11 you may recognize are 3 x Miss Olympia Ashley Kaltwasser, Stephanie Sequeira, Sheena Martin, Brooke Mora, Gigi Amurao and the full list will be released after the Olympia. The requirements of being an Elite Eleven are to adhere to the program all year, train with Adam in Denver at least 2 times yearly and help other Team Elite Physique amateurs with a posing class while they’re in Denver. We use the best people in the world to teach our amateurs so they too can one day be a top pro. Failure to adhere to the guidelines of being an Elite Eleven athlete will result in removal from the team and next athlete on the waiting list will take their spot. Even out of country athletes must hit the minimum requirement to ensure time is invested in to our amateur bikini team.

Don’t “Trust the Process” Guarantee– ASK WHY!!! Don’t trust the process, when coaches ask you to trust the process it’s because they don’t want to or have the time to do extra work. Because Adam keeps his roster under control at a maximum of 50 active clients he’ll have enough time to explain the “why’s”. This should be an education about yourself so ask and learn!