Giving Back

  • Givingback7

    Sithim from Cambodia

    Sithim, 20, was an outstanding student when she was in high school. She is from Prey Veng Province in Cambodia. Currently, she is studying at the university to pursue a bachelor’s degree, majoring in Khmer literature in the city. Her family are rice farmers and they totally depend on farming as their revenue, which makes it hard to pay for her tuition fees.

    Team Elite Physique contributed funds along with others to make her dreams of higher education come to fruition. We are glad to say she is now in her second year of college! In the future, she wants to become a good teacher, build her parents a house and, if she has children, she wants her children to study for their bachelor’s degree too!

  • GivingBack6

    Denver Homeless Shelter Christmas

    For the last two years Team Elite Physique has donated over 100 stockings, Santa hats, toys, crayons and goodies to a stocking drive hosted by local Colorado IFBB pro Chris Williamson.


    Chris is great at getting people together to give back to the community and one thing he can count on is 100 stockings + various other donations every year from Team Elite Physique.


    Way to be a leader in the community Chris!


  • GivingBack5

    Carolina from Mexico

    Carolina contributes to the house income by making tortillas at a grill. These are no common tortillas, because she boils the corn on her own, then she grinds it, and she kneads it. This way the tortilla dough is cleaner and tastier. After this process she makes a little ball of dough that she places on the grill. She sells these tortillas and she may sell quesadillas done with the same tortillas. She names her business “Tortillas el molinito” (“tortillas the little mill” in english). She enjoys working because that way she may help her children with their daily expenses. She also likes her job because of the independent life this provides for her.


    Because she runs her business in her home Carolina wanted to make her home look nicer when customers stopped in for her food items to hopefully attain more customers from a more professional and more sanitary looking kitchen. Team Elite Physique donated enough funds for her to make general improvements such as fix a couple broken windows, paint and other small fixes to her home.

  • GivingBack4

    Anita from El Salvador

    Anita is 44 years old and lives in her own house with her family. For 10 years now she has made and sold tortillas. Her business is located in her place of residence and she has many customers. Thanks to her hard work, she has been able to get ahead but was in need of new equipment. Team Elite Physique donated to her and she was able to get new equipment and purchase products such as mineral lime and corn by the hundred-weight so she can increase her margins on her tortillas.

  • GivingBack3

    Norma from El Salvador

    Norma is a tortilla maker in El Salvador and needed to buy her products such as corn and firewood in bulk so she could get her pricing to be competitive and make a living with selling her fresh home made tortillas.


    Team Elite Physique purchased a large quantity of corn and firewood for her so she could get ahead, reduce her prices and continue to grow her tortilla business.


    Her business is now generating more income than it ever has before and it has allowed her to support her daughter to go to college. Way to go Norma!


  • GivingBack2

    Nedilen from the Phillipines

    Nedilen is married and resides at Puntod, Lopez Jaena with her family. Nedilen has sold fish for 8 years and her husband fishes for a living.


    Nedilen’s fishing equipment was becoming old and warn out so she was struggling to catch enough fish to feed her family. Team Elite Physique purchased new nets, hooks, and various other fishing equipment for her so she could provide for her family better than she ever has.


    Nedilen has been kind enough to invite the Team Elite Physique crew out to her village and cook us up some fish if we are ever in the area! Thanks Nedilen!

  • GivingBack1

    Sinuon from Cambodia

    At 31 years of age, Sinuon is married and blessed with two dependent children who are both in school. She lives in Battambang province, where she and her husband are growing cassava and working on her co-villager’s farm for a fee to supplement their income. She has been in her cassava farming business for ten years.

    Her cassava did not grow well in 2015, which has caused her to earn a very low income and lack working capital to do farming for this season. Thus, Team Elite Physique donated organic fertilizers and paid plowing fees to increase her crop yield. She now hopes to earn more income for supporting her children’s education and to support her family in 2016.