Contest Prep

How our online program works:

The online program is the same as working one on one with Adam the only difference is the cost is substantially lower as there is less one on one time spent together in the gym and it can be accomplished from a distance.

The way our online programming works is quite simple. Adam a certified fitness nutrition specialist will give you a questionnaire of all the questions that he needs to know to get a program created for you. This program will include everything you need for success including the option of working out with Adam one on one or an approved Team Elite Physique associate trainer if desired. Adam will lay out a detailed menu plan with macro nutrients and food items with options, a cardio program, supplement program and resistance training program designed around your individual body and areas that need the most focus. Once the program is created you will do check-ins with Adam directly off the website member check-in or our custom check-in app weekly or bi-weekly. There will be questions that need to be answered every check in and Adam will adjust the menu, cardio, and workout program according to your prior weeks progress. This is a unique program designed specifically to your needs and tailored to how your body is responding.

In Season:

In season means you are currently getting ready for a show, photo shoot or are just trying to lean out and get that beach body ready! During this phase of training we will focus on losing body fat and improving areas of the body that need the most attention. During this phase you’ll check-in every week so we can ensure your body is not adapting to the current program and make adjustments as necessary based on your weekly progress. There is no templates and this is the reason why we have to have a limited roster of clients as each client gets all the time necessary to make proper adjustments to their plan. We’ll never be the biggest team but we’ll consistently be the best and have been for 7 years straight!

Off Season

Off season means your in a phase of training where you’re trying to make improvements to your body by adding muscle in target areas as the primary focus. Achieving the body of your dreams takes time, most people focus only on the final 12-16 weeks before a show or photo shoot. One thing to note is you’ll only make significant improvements with the calories to support them and  making improvements while preparing for a show in terms of building quality lean mass just isn’t possible with contest prep calorie ranges. This is great for people who need to go through not only the contest prep leaning out portion of programming but also need to build muscle without gaining a significant amount of body fat while doing it. With this program Adam will guide you through the micro progression off season plan where he’ll rev up your metabolism to full speed and help you gain a quality amount of lean mass without the unnecessary amount of body fat that off seasons are usually accompanied with.


This is the most important and most overlooked portion of programming. Have you ever seen someone who lost a lot of weight and put it right back on just a month or two later? Yeah, we have too! The reason is people don’t understand and overlook the importance of the correctional phase (reverse diet) of the plan. Once you lose a significant amount of body fat such as contest preparation or a big transformation you will have a reduced metabolic output. This is called adaptive thermogenesis and essentially means your metabolism slows down when you diet with reduced calories required to get stage condition or photo shoot condition lean. What happens is people don’t go through the correctional phase, increase their calories without being aware and gain all the weight back until the metabolism catches up. There’s a way around this and we will go through a post show diet PSD/ Correctional phase for EVERY single client who trains with us. This is so important to Adam that he will not take clients on unless they commit to stick with the program for a minimum of 4 weeks following the show, photo shoot or transformation.

Email Adam to set up a consultation by phone or in person for pricing information.


One on one personal training sessions at Armbrust Pro Gym for $55 per session

Online Programming clients are entitled to a reduced single session rate of $55 per session while enrolled in the contest prep program. If you are not enrolled in the contest prep program currently you must pay the rates on the personal training page.

Please note that programs are a digital good and once sent to you via email there are no refunds as with most digital goods. Day one of your program will begin when you receive it via email and it must be completed in consecutive days of your programs duration. Due to our 50 maximum client guarantee we can not put a program on hold and restart using remaining time so please consider this when selecting a program duration, there are no exceptions to this rule.